Bandcamp Bazaar

Having determined that Spotify was more the knowledgable museum curator with a myriad of music to show but no real drive to discover I set out to find my intrepid explorer to help me expand the collection, I was looking for an Indiana Jones rather than a Night At The Museum basically. Then it came to me, a place I once shrugged off as too dense to navigate, but now more refined while retaining the depth, Bandcamp!

I looked at Bandcamp as more of a platform for indies to sell their music easily but The Needle Drop brought my attention to the platform as a place where up and comers rub shoulders with some big names. It’s a platform you could spend hours searching through but thanks to some nifty search tools Spotify lacks you can navigate this bazaar with ease even if you don’t know what you want.

Look at all those search options. Genres, sub-genres and even location?!
Look at all those search options. Genres, sub-genres and even location?!

Look at it this way, today I’ll be your Sherpa guiding you through my finds and this nifty search tool will be the pack llama. Too many cultures Frankensteined into one analogy there.

As soon as I began, my love for all things lo-fi was sparked as I noticed a blog post about cassette recordings and there I found a group featuring several artists sending me down a rabbit hole of fuzzy lo-fi goodness with this gem thrown in.

From there we clean ourselves up a bit and dive into the guilty pleasure of folk because I love that Southern twang. I found an assortment of old, older, some great new stuff and something really deep.

But no music adventure of mine is complete without going back to the roots of pop punkNoisy, guitar heavy, sometimes quite complex but always fun pop punk.