A journey through J-Rock/Pop

I figured I’d milk the name of this blog and as a result we’ll be journeying across Magellan’s “Peaceful” sea (the Pacific Ocean) to see what Japan has to offer. This came about through unlikely circumstances as my navigator was an unlikely one, Youtube’s recommended videos and up next feature. Usually I don’t trust this feature because more often than not the algorithm just throws up songs with a lot of views rather than songs similar to what you’re listening to but one day I noticed that the algorithm had a different, nostalgic strategy to entice me. An old song from a playlist I made years ago filled with interesting Japanese music popped up because the band had made a music video for the song and as soon as I clicked it I was sent on a journey through the wonders of contemporary Japanese Rock and Pop.

Youtube's getting real Kawaii
Youtube’s getting real Kawaii

Now I am most definitely not a proponent of anime nor a Japanese culture enthusiast but when I stumbled upon what could be considered Japan’s Indie Rock movement with powerful guitar driven songs, complex melodies and compositions I couldn’t help but explore. I started at a couple of different locations to give myself a broad scope of the music scene.

The first point started with some general Indie Rock vibes, a lot of prominent guitars with some complexity thrown in to beef up the composition ranging from energetic to a bit more mellow.

I went a bit more out the box with the second point, looking for music that took the oddity a little further and expanded the sonic layers of the music.

Finally I settled with some good old J-Pop which spanned everything from upbeat, Synth Pop vibes and Japan’s take on the funk revival which is a truly wonderful style.



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