My name is Alistair Robb and music has always been the most influential form of media in my life. From an early age I was brought up on music, whether it was willingly or unwillingly is still up for debate but nevertheless it has made me who I am. Thanks to the barrage of musical soundtracks and Motown mixed with contemporary rock lobbed at me from a young age by my mum I have always been interested in exploring a diverse range of music. Sticking to one genre always bored me because you don’t get an insight into the vast sea of music out there. Through this I discovered that the actual search for new music and sounds can be just as rewarding as finding something. This sparked an idea to start a blog all about the how we discover music, new and old. So here we are, discovering music together. I am your music Magellan so I guess that makes you Juan Sebastián Elcano, regardless lets explore the world of music.