Void of vocabulary

Are you ready to continue kicking the arse out the explorer theme? I sure am. After writing my last blog I had a Longfellow moment where it and my Japanese music blog played two ships passing in the night as I thought to myself about the importance of lyrics in music. I’ve often not put too much stock in lyrics in music as I like to focus on the instruments and as such I’ve looked at music which is void of vocals and music in foreign languages. Is it possible to derive purpose and meaning from music when we don’t have a lyricist beating us over the head with clever metaphors about love and death?

Making humble instruments otherworldly (Caspian's pedal board)
Making humble instruments otherworldly (Caspian’s pedal board)

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Taking a minimalist approach

Despite always having enjoyed a broad spectrum of music I never found myself wanting to sit and genuinely enjoy classical music. I appreciate the intricacies and the talent that goes into the music but it never gripped me. This could be because generally classical musics’ target demographic seems to be an older generation or it could be the good old Scottish education system grinding down any hope of me enjoying classical music with it’s woeful higher music curriculum, not that I’m bitter in any way. However; not too long ago our good pal Spotify threw a curve ball my way when for once the “New Releases” tab featured Philip Glass’ “Glassworks” album instead of the usual slew of chart albums.

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