The ebb of the British band

I have the pleasure of working with someone who has a rather eccentric and unconventional music taste. I get to learn all about a whole side of music I didn’t know existed but also get incite into a cynic’s view of pop music. One night he and his band went through the UK’s top 40 and there wasn’t a single band on the list. I thought that in his old age of thirty he maybe just didn’t recognise some of the new pop bands names. However; when I decided to test his theory I was blown away to find the only band with a featured song was Clean Bandit. Some questionable exceptions might include Maroon 5, Train and The Vamps but in the words of Max Bemis, “They’re only actors who can play guitar”.

Featuring Katy Perry’s ironic stab at pop music/culture.

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Bandcamp Bazaar

Having determined that Spotify was more the knowledgable museum curator with a myriad of music to show but no real drive to discover I set out to find my intrepid explorer to help me expand the collection, I was looking for an Indiana Jones rather than a Night At The Museum basically. Then it came to me, a place I once shrugged off as too dense to navigate, but now more refined while retaining the depth, Bandcamp!

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