Enlightenment through sampling

Sometimes people can’t simply enjoy a good thing given to them.┬áThis is the case┬áthroughout the history of hip-hop due to the constant argument about the inclusion of sampling. Many see sampling others’ music in your own as stealing creative ideas due to an inherent lack of creativity on your part and believe that to call a song your own you have to build it from the ground up as a completely original idea which only embroils you in another musical argument about whether or not any music can be considered completely new and unique nowadays. However; there’s those of us who don’t hate life and actually like to enjoy music and see sampling as a way of not only enjoying others’ music but also sharing it with more people. Many artists find that including a sample in their music acts as a sort of shout out to the original artist while other artists use it as a way to involve themselves in the history of the original music.

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